Immigration: Jean Boulet's remarks denounced by organizations in the Outaouais | Elections Quebec 2022

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Immigration : Jean Boulet s comments denounced by organizations in Outaouais | Élections Quebec 2022

Ndeye Khady Ngom is the president of Action Femmes Afrique and an activist for the fight for women's rights and against racism.

The recent remarks of the Minister of Immigration of Quebec, Jean Boulet, do not pass on the side of various organizations fighting for the rights of immigrants in the Outaouais. We are also concerned to see this kind of incident happening more and more within political parties.

Last week, Jean Boulet indicated in a press briefing that 80% of immigrants go to Montreal, do not work, do not speak French or do not ;do not adhere to the values ​​of Quebec society.

This declaration had provoked strong reactions in the National Assembly and among immigrant communities. The leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ), Dominique Anglade, had also asked that Mr. Boulet be removed from office.

The latter apologized and said he was saddened by the situation, stressing in passing that he had expressed his thoughts poorly.

For the president of Action Femmes Afrique and activist for the fight against racism, Ndeye Khady Ngom, these remarks are scandalous and regrettable.

It shows that there are prejudices that continue to push us back, she continues. This is hampering the project of an inclusive Quebec society.

Ms. Ngom is not surprised by Premier François Legault's decision not to dismiss the Minister of Immigration, having also made this kind of amalgamation in the past. Mr. Legault, however, hinted that Mr. Boulet would not be reappointed to head the Department of Immigration in a future term.

“Whenever there are election issues, we hit on immigrants. We are really tired. What does it take to be integrated? »

— Ndeye Khady Ngom, Action Femmes Afrique and activist for the fight against racism

This kind of thing should not be tolerated, she insists. Immigrants do not have to justify their level of integration to anyone.

In the community, there is disappointment, sadness, but also concern, underlines Kethlande Pierre, of the Black Community Council of Gatineau and spokesperson for Leaderpol.

We see that it is becoming a tendency for some politicians to associate immigration with very negative things.

Ms. Pierre adds that the last statement is not without consequence given the credibility that the status of Minister of Immigration confers on Mr. Boulet. And this time, we added statistics, she says in passing.

The community has come to question the CAQ's desire to include immigrant communities in its plan for Quebec society, she said.

“Doing more and doing better also comes with Quebec immigrants. ”

— Kethlande Pierre, of the Gatineau Black Community Council and spokesperson for Leaderpol

There is therefore still a long way to go, says Ms. Pierre. However, she believes that there is a real will to change among the population. Quebec moved me, Canada moved me this year, she says.

I participated in the demonstrations that took place following the death of George Floyd and I cried like a little girl because the majority of the people who were present , they were not black, says Mrs. Pierre.

With information from Camille Kasisi-Monet

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