Immigration powers: CAQ unfazed by Ottawa's refusal | Elections Quebec 2022

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Immigration powers: the CAQ does not allow itself to be put off by Ottawa’s refusal | Élections Quebec 2022

François Legault was welcomed by members of the Coalition avenir Québec upon its arrival at a hotel in Brossard where the party will make its post-election review.

The Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) persists and signs its intention to seek more powers in matters of immigration from Ottawa, despite the end of inadmissibility served by the first Canadian Minister the day before.

The 125 CAQ candidates, elected or defeated, met Thursday in a post-election caucus, to take stock of the campaign that has just ended and to x27; following which the party saw its deputies increase from 76 to 90 parliamentarians.

At the end of this caucus, held in Brossard, François Legault was intractable about his desire to receive new powers in immigration, a jurisdiction shared with the federal government.

“Quebecers want the Government of Quebec to have more power in immigration, there is no one who will be able to resist that. »

— François Legault, leader of the Coalition avenir Québec and prime minister designate

It has to become a priority and, as I said, even in the next federal campaign, added Mr. Legault.

However, the day before, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau clearly stated that, in his view, Quebec has all the necessary tools to welcome more French-speaking immigrants. And his Quebec lieutenant, Pablo Rodriguez, had said the same thing, using the same terms, the day before.

A little earlier Thursday, at the entrance to the caquiste caucus, several designated deputies, including certain tenors of the party, lined up behind their leader and showed great optimism about the possibility of receiving increased powers in matters of immigration.

Sonia LeBel was re-elected in the riding of Champlain on Monday.

We will not accept being told no, said Sonia LeBel, in response to a question asked in English. The designated MP for Champlain said that she perceived, in Justin Trudeau's remarks, an understanding that it was necessary for Quebec to have all the necessary tools to ensure the sustainability of French.

And, like her, several colleagues seemed to be pinning their hopes on a possible meeting between François Legault and Justin Trudeau. The latter, however, reiterated Thursday his opposition to the granting of new powers in immigration to Quebec during question period in Ottawa.

The atmosphere was still rejoicing, three days after the resounding victory of the CAQ, which received the mandate to lead Quebec for another four years with a comfortable majority of 90 seats out of 125 in the Assembly. national.

All the outgoing deputies were re-elected – including the entire Council of Ministers – with the exception of one, Richard Campeau, defeated by PQ leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, in Camille-Laurin, east of Montreal.

Despite the festive atmosphere, Mr. Legault issued a kind of warning to his team when he spoke. We have a lot, a lot, a lot of work ahead of us. Lots of work, he warned them.

“Yes, it's a clear mandate, but it means also that we have major responsibilities […] to advance Quebec in education, the economy, the environment, health, to stop the decline of French. We're gonna do it all together. »

— François Legault, head of the CAQ and prime minister designate

François Legault addressed the caquiste candidates, elected as defeated, Thursday, during the post-election report of the Coalition avenir Québec.

According to him, too, the challenge for the coming weeks, it will be to form the Council of Ministers, because there are so many strong people that it will be heartbreaking choices.

It is therefore time for corridor discussions, while Mr. Legault must get to work. The ambitions of all the deputies cannot be fulfilled, and the conservative Éric Duhaime has also said he is ready to poach the discontented.

Thursday's CAQ meeting took place in the riding of La Pinière, one of the only ones in Montérégie to have escaped the party, on Monday. Instead, voters chose Liberal Linda Caron, who will succeed the equally Liberal Gaétan Barrette.

On Wednesday, the PLQ had also decided to meet in a riding that had been unfavorable to it in the elections to take stock of its campaign. The chef, Dominique Anglade, declared at the end of the exercise that she had received a dose of love from her candidates, saying that she was still aware of the challenges that awaited her. We do not put our heads in the sand, she assured.

Ms Anglade, however, refused on Wednesday, for the second time, to commit to recognizing Québec solidaire (QS) and the Parti québécois (PQ) as parliamentary groups, those who did not win the 12 seats, or 20% of the votes, necessary to obtain this privileged status for the ;National Assembly.

We said that we were going to show a lot of openness, but it is certain that we are going to need the Liberal Party, indicated Thursday the Designated MP for Louis-Hébert, caquiste Geneviève Guilbault, invited to comment on a possible collaboration with these two parties. Perhaps I would invite Ms. Anglade to participate in this momentum of mutual openness that we have all had for each other since Monday.

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