Impeachment trump: US President has nominated nine charges

Импичмент Трампа: президенту США выдвинули девять обвинений

On Tuesday, December 3, Democrats in the U.S. Congress published the final report on the investigation within the procedure of impeachment of the President of Donald trump. Document hardly fit into the 300 pages of printed text. It contains nine counts to the President.

It is expected that in the evening of the same day — December 3 — the house Committee on intelligence endorse the report and forward it to the judicial Committee, which must decide whether there is enough evidence gathered in order to make the results of the investigation to the vote in the House of representatives. We will remind, in the lower house of Congress the Democrats have the majority. If the legal Committee will put the issue of impeachment to a vote, the congressmen will likely support the conclusions of the legal Committee. And then the impeachment proceedings will move into its final phase. It’s the U.S. Senate. There are supporters of impeachment need to score at least two thirds of votes. The discussion in the Senate will remind the jury. Trump has already stated that he wants the matter of impeachment as soon as possible came to the upper house of Congress. And this is understandable because in the Senate more votes from the Republicans.

So what the Democrats accuse the head of state? Now it is not just words, but the results of a lengthy investigation and interviewing numerous witnesses. Recall that the basis to start procedure of impeachment was a telephone conversation trump and President Vladimir Zelenskyon July 25. The scandal was called “Ukrainian”.

Democrats believe that the President of the United States was used as pressure on Kiev freezing military aid approved by Congress for Ukraine, amounting to 391 million dollars. In addition, the same instrument of pressure was the issue of agreeing dates Zelensky in Washington and his meeting with trump in the White house. The pressure exerted with the purpose of getting the dirt on Joe Biden, whose advisers trump was considered as the most likely presidential candidate from the Democratic party in the elections of 2020.

The report notes that the US President insisted on a public announcement Zelensky “two unjustified, but politically motivated investigations”. The first dealt with the activities of the son of Joe Biden hunter, who for five years served on the Board of Directors of the company Burisma. The second was supposed to be the alleged intervention of Ukraine in the U.S. presidential election in 2016 on the democratic side.

“The scheme trump has undermined U.S. foreign policy toward Ukraine and has jeopardized our national security-all for two politically motivated investigations that were designed to help his presidential campaign for re-election”, — emphasized in the report. “Evidence of inappropriate behaviour of the President convincing”, — the document says.

The Chairman of the intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff stated: “we are not Talking about Ukraine. Talking about our democracy. If we don’t care about her, we can be sure that the President again and again to repeat all this.”

Another serious accusation is that trump has ordered everything to hinder the investigation by Congress. The report States that 12 high-ranking officials of the White house and the US State Department was strictly forbidden to give testimony at the hearing. Also seized was 71 document, from those that requested members of the intelligence Committee.

White house reaction was swift. “The report of the Chairman of Schiff reads like the attempts of the blogger-lover to prove something with no evidence”, — said the press Secretary of the White house Stephanie Grisham.

As already reported “FACTS”, the Democrats wanted to see trump at a public hearing in Congress under the impeachment process. The President was invited to be there on 4 December, i.e. before the publication of the report of Schiff. However, trump went to the NATO summit in London. It was clear that he did not come to the hearing. The President of the United States to this day will still be in the British capital.

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