Important changes in the field of heating will take effect from October 1. Some Poles must remember this

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Who are affected by the changes related to heating?

 Important changes in the field of heating come into force on October 1. Some Poles must remember about this

According to the website “My Poles”, on October 1, important changes in our western neighbors enter into force. The Federal Government of Germany is to oblige homeowners to optimize their heating systems. This also applies to Poles who permanently live in Germany. Checking the tightness of the installation is to help save gas.

This is the second such regulation

The first energy saving regulation has been in force for almost a month. It entered into force on September 1 and referred to the introduction of lower temperatures in workplaces. Electricity consumption has also been reduced by reducing the number of ad highlights.

 Important changes in the scope of heating come into force on October 1. Some Poles must remember about it

Now, the owners of the houses must prepare for the changes. As of October 1, compulsory heating control, as well as optimization in this regard, come into force. This applies to houses where gas is heated. It is they who will have to check the heating in the next two years.

This is to help detect possible leaks and problems that limit the possibility of saving heat and gas. The inspection will require a fee from 100 to 150 euro. Special consumer counseling centers have also been launched to help dispel any doubts related to energy change issues. The cost of this service is expected to be up to 30 euro.

 Important changes in heating come into effect on October 1st. part of the Pole

What do you think about the introduced changes? Should we follow an example from our western neighbors?

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