Important information about the burial. Inflation has even hit this area. It will be much more modest


Government inflation reigns throughout Poland and prevails wherever it is admitted.

 Important information about the burial. Inflation has even reached this area. It will be much more modest

How it's possible? Unfortunately, all indications are that, apart from the high prices in the areas of the economy closely related to the everyday life of almost all social groups, inflation has even caught the dead.

Will the magnificent, decorated tombstones disappear from the cemetery landscape?

Super Express reports that the deceased from Olsztyn will have to return to their old habits related to the appearance and wealth of the tombstones. More specifically, it is about decorations, which, thanks to government decisions and rising inflation in the eyes of inflation, have become too expensive, as reported by the stone industry.

Until now, we were able to erect the tombstones that we wanted our loved ones, as long as they did not violate the regulations in any way. Sumptuous plates, decorations, engraved crosses and expensive raw materials will most likely have to disappear from our plans for the burial of loved ones. Will we have to “trample” the graves again? After all, the tombstone floor was constructed in such a way that people could walk on it and this is the model that Olsztyn residents would have to return to.

Will it be more modest?

According to Super Express, the Olsztyn Municipal Cemetery Department decided to come up with a proposal to relieve our budgets by designing much more modest tombstones. The local press from Olsztyn writes – In Warmia, however, they want to return to the old tradition, when the graves were treated in a minimalist and humble way. Tombstones in church floors were, for example, specially placed so that the faithful could walk on them – it was a symbol of the fragility of earthly life – it appears in the Olsztyn supplement to Gazeta Wyborcza.


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