Important information for seniors. It's about a double pension for the rest of your life. How many applications must be submitted

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The media regularly covers pensions and the government's approach to them.

 Important information for seniors. It is about a double pension for the rest of your life. How many applications must be submitted

The present times clearly show how much decisions made by several members of parliament. This is not a new situation, as we have known for a long time how politicians work and what is the strategy of controlling society.

Funds paid by the government as part of various benefits from various titles, all the time turn out to be something that is a variable element that millions of Polish residents are waiting for.

Double ; jne, lifetime retirement benefit? Who can be that lucky?

Unfortunately, Polish women and Poles do not have much influence on what funds will go to their accounts. Everything depends on the current economic structure and the level of citizens' awareness of the scheme of the system called the Social Insurance Institution. The media every now and then informs about the amount of valorization, additional allowances and benefits promised by the government to various social groups, and in particular to seniors.

Paid KRUS contributions

Now “O2” informs, that some seniors entitled to retirement benefits will be able to count on double pensions. However, they will have to submit two applications.

As it turns out, people who paid KRUS have the opportunity to enjoy a double annuity pension. More specifically, it is also about those who were born after December 31, 1948 and paid KRUS contributions for at least 25 years.

Uniformed services

This information also applies to people, who performed uniformed service for at least 15 years. As we know, the uniforms had to choose between a retirement pension paid from the Social Insurance Institution and the Ministry of Interior and Administration. As it turns out, uniforms who started their service after 1999, after submitting an application in both offices, will be able to count on both benefits.

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