Important news for seniors. New benefits and high indexation in 2023. What can you really count on

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The subject of valorization of pensions returns like a boomerang every year.

 Important message for seniors. New benefits and high valorization in 2023. What you can really count on

No wonder, because it was created because of the more or less introduced inflation, which prevails thanks to the decisions of the rulers. The concept of inflation and valorization has become firmly established in the minds of Polish women and Poles, and therefore we considered them to be a normal part of the economic struggle and an indispensable element of our well-being.

Next year's valorization should reach a double-digit amount

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It does not depend, of course, on ourselves, but on the decision of the party that is in power. Therefore, “Super Express” decided to analyze the current situation and undertake an attempt to forecast the amount of indexation of pensions for the next year. As it turns out, according to the tabloid's calculations, the increase in benefits would amount to 19.26 percent.

Everyone who is currently on a pension or retirement pension knows well that the amount of benefits in a given period depends on the economic situation in country.

If inflation soars, pushing up prices mercilessly, benefits should soar along with inflation. Therefore, the indexation should be at least as much as inflation. Will seniors in Poland have a chance to “catch up” next year, or will they feel the government inflation more strongly? The gallery below should dispel doubts.

Currently, the pension is PLN 1,338.00 gross, however, after the anticipated indexation, it may amount to PLN 1,596.00 gross. Polish women and Poles should gain PLN 258.00 at that time.

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