Important news for seniors. The government is considering an add-on called 3000 plus. What is it about

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Nothing puzzles seniors more than the next ideas of the government to secure an electorate in the event of future elections.

 Important news for seniors. The government is considering an add-on called 3000 plus. What's going on? whether he can make ends meet in the coming months.</p><h2>The project assumes changes in the method of determining the amount of the lowest benefits and not only</h2><p> Many independent experts have gloomy visions about the ruined Poland as early as 2023. No wonder, after all, the government no longer hides the plans that are being implemented in the country and in the world. Meanwhile, the media circulated information about the project, which has already been submitted to the parliament, and in its assumptions the rulers plan to award seniors three thousand zlotys.</p><p>One of the first payments of the additional benefit promised by the government would be in March and April, but it is about the long-awaited fourteenth pension, which is to be paid in August and September.</p><p> it turns out, not only that the rulers are able to extract both allowances from the ruined budget, but their amount is also expected to increase significantly, according to media reports.</p><p> Super Express reports that everything is to happen due to valorization, which & oacute; ra is to guarantee the receipt from March 1, 2023 of higher additional benefits in the form of the 13th and 14th. The valorization announced by the expert is to be 13.8%.</p><p> An interesting fact is that in 2023 every to collect retirement benefits at least PLN 1,523.14 gross in the form of an additional benefit, and the government plans to introduce the assumption that the benefits with the lowest amount would be increased according to the calculations of and not according to the percentage.</p></p>  <script async src=

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