“In 20 years, maybe this heat wave will no longer be considered extreme”

MAINTENANCE. Climatologist Robert Vautard describes the scientific method for attributing extreme weather events to human activities.

“ In 20 years, perhaps this heat wave won't be no longer considered extreme”

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The Giec now displays absolute certainty. The acceleration of climate disorders is attributable to human activity emitting greenhouse gases. But what is it based on? On a new scientific discipline called “Attribution”. Using meteorological records, models and statistics, climatologists are able to determine the probability that a particular extreme event can be attributed to climate change. Robert Vautard, climatologist, meteorologist and director of the Pierre-Simon Laplace Institute, answers our questions

Le Point: Can you Can you explain to us how Attribution studies are conducted?

Robert Vautard: The attribution of a weather event is simply the answer to the question of causation. Concrete

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