“In 9 minutes”: almost 500 Celtic gold coins were stolen from a German museum

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Thieves robbed a museum in southern Germany in the amount of 1.6 million euros. The police put the criminals on the international wanted list.

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In the German commune of Manching, robbers took 482 Celtic coins and a piece of raw gold from the Celtic-Roman Museum. The incident is reported by AP.

The publication says that the stolen exhibits were found by archaeologists in 1999 in the vicinity of the city of Manching. The value of the stolen property of the museum reaches 1.6 million euros.

The authors of the article point out that the attackers managed to take the valuables out of the museum in just 9 minutes. The thieves managed to go unnoticed due to damage to the communication network in the area. Thus, the door of the museum was forced open at 1:26, and at 1:35 the criminals had already left the building.

According to the Deputy Head of the Criminal Police Office of Bavaria, Guido Limmer, one kilometer from the Celtic-Roman and Roman Museum cut cables were found. It is reported that the German police launched an international hunt for treasure thieves.

Limmer believes that the same people who were involved in the robbery of museums in Dresden and Berlin may be involved in the crime. In his opinion, some parallels can be drawn between these cases.

We also wrote that in Texas a 21-year-old man broke into an art museum and broke Greek vases worth several million dollars. The reason for his act was a quarrel with a girl.