In an interview with HS, Hetemäki demands that the state be included in the nurses' salary negotiations


In an interview with Helsingin Sanomat, the former head of the Ministry of Finance's office, Martti Hetemäki, and the Ministry of Finance's undersecretary of state, Elina Pylkkänen, propose that the money reserved for salary harmonization be included in the salary negotiations of caregivers.

Hetemäki in the interview with HS calls for the state to be included in the nurses' salary negotiations

Ex head of office Martti Hetemäki hopes for the state's voice at the nurses' salary negotiation tables. JOEL [email protected] Today at 14:37

Hetemäki requires HS: In the interview, the state should be included in the salary negotiations for nurses

Elina Pylkkänen, Undersecretary of State of the Ministry of Labor and Economy, and Martti Hetemäki, ex-Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, who led the conciliation board that resolved the labor dispute in the municipal sector in the spring, will present an unofficial model for the caregivers' salary dispute in Helsingin Sanomat on Saturday.

Pylkkänen and Hetemäki are not in an official position. in negotiations. Now they suggest that the money for the nurses' salary dispute could be collected by reforming the salary system. The welfare areas starting at the turn of the year will have to harmonize, i.e. harmonize, the salaries of the employees.

According to the duo, this money could be used when resolving the nurses' salary agreement.

– The harmonization pot is big. It is more than the cost effect of the salary structure program, says Hetemäki in an interview with HS.

In addition, Hetemäki suggests that the state's voice should be heard at the nurses' salary negotiation table. The reason is that when the welfare regions start operating after the turn of the year, their funding comes almost entirely from the state's pocket.

Until now, the country's government has wanted to stay as far away from the whole salary dispute as possible. Salary negotiations between nurses and the municipal sector have been at an impasse since spring. The nurses have threatened with mass resignations, so the question will probably become one of the themes of next spring's parliamentary elections.

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