In ancient hieroglyphs found “evidence” of the existence of time travel and aliens

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  • Ancient hieroglyphs found 'evidence' of time travel and aliens

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  • Evidence found in ancient hieroglyphs ; the existence of time travel and aliens

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 In ancient hieroglyphs, they found

Conspiracy theorists immediately discovered evidence of both time travel and the participation of aliens in the construction of the pyramids.

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Conspiracy theorists now and then look through old paintings, images on harps and altars in search of evidence that time travel really exists. This time they turned their attention to the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs found in the temple of Pharaoh Seti I in Abydos (Egypt), Daily Star.

Egyptian hieroglyphs are about 3 thousand years old, and according to conspiracy theorists, they depict nothing other than modern aircraft and helicopters. This could have ended, but ufologists joined the dispute.

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Stephen Mira, chairman of the Manchester Association for Paranormal Research and Education, referred to these 3,000-year-old hieroglyphs at a conference of UFO supporters. According to him, this is not just evidence of time travel, but something much more – for example, evidence of the participation of extraterrestrial life in the construction of the Egyptian pyramids.

According to Mir, these hieroglyphs serve as evidence that the ancient Egyptians apparently observed extraterrestrial beings working tirelessly on the construction of the pyramids. Or maybe they just lead the process, who knows.

Conspiracy theorists who believe that we owe Stonehenge to aliens are also sure that humanoids were directly involved in the construction of the pyramids. And now, as it seems to them, they have all the necessary evidence.

During the conference, Stephen Mira turned to the audience with a request to pay attention to the images of “helicopters” – supposedly they can see the main rotor blade and something similar on the rudder. Mira did not insist that the ancient Egyptians depicted precisely a modern helicopter, but invited everyone to think about who and why put these drawings on the walls.

However, ufologists and conspiracy theorists did not rejoice for long. A blog investigating claims of extraterrestrial involvement has entered the discussion. It turned out that the hieroglyphs on the walls of the temple are just “pictograms” of the names of the pharaohs. The pharaohs had five names and each of them began with certain pictograms, they are depicted on the walls of the temple.