In Australia, introduce a new crash test cars: cars will drown


In Australia, a new crash test is being introduced: cars will drown

The new test will determine how quickly the driver and passengers can get out of a sinking car. Cars will be immersed in water containers.

Australian car safety organization ANCAP is introducing a completely new kind of crash test. From January 2023, cars will start heating. This was reported on the official ANCAP website.

An underwater test will determine how quickly the driver and passengers can leave a sinking car. To do this, they plan to immerse the cars in special water tanks.

Australia introduces new car crash test: cars will drown

In Australia, there are often cases of flooding of cars in the ocean and rivers. Getting out of a sinking car is not easy. The pressure builds up as you go deeper, making it very difficult to open the doors – you need to make a lot of effort.

ANCAP believes that automakers should ensure that a drowned car can leave the cabin within 10 minutes (as long as there is air inside) – open doors or lower power windows.

If this is not technically possible, alternative rescue methods should be considered. For example, you can provide the ability to lower the glass manually or knock it out with a special tool.

If the ANCAP experience is successful, then most likely the European organization EuroNCAP and similar structures in Asia and America will introduce a new type of crash test .


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