In Berlin, they were not allowed to exhibit the broken military equipment of the Russian Federation


Berlin was not allowed to display broken Russian military equipment

Former Ambassador of Ukraine In Germany, Andrei Melnik called the refusal scandalous and still seeks to hold the exhibition.

In Berlin, two museum operators want to open an exhibition of destroyed military equipment, but the application was rejected by the local authorities. The city leadership argued its refusal by the fact that such a measure is unacceptable, because it allegedly concerns the foreign policy interests of Germany. Der Tagesspiegel writes about this.

“The destroyed military equipment of Russia, which will be exhibited in the very center of Berlin, should enable people in Germany to experience the brutal war of annihilation with their own eyes,” said Andriy, the former Ukrainian ambassador to Germany. Melnik in a comment to the publication.

Melnik added that Ukrainians are shocked that the district administration of Mitte, a district of Berlin, rejected this application “with absolutely far-fetched justification.” Now he is demanding permission for the exhibition and has appealed to the mayor of Berlin, Francis Giffey.

“This cancellation is a real scandal! I am asking the mayor and the district office to withdraw this amazing decision and allow the exhibition in Berlin. This would mean true solidarity with Ukraine,” Melnyk tweeted.

< p> Earlier it was reported that exhibitions of Russian military equipment destroyed in Ukraine will be held in the capitals of European countries.


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