In Britain, a rare fossil of an extinct fish was found on a farm (photo)


    In Britain, a rare fossil of an extinct fish was found on a farm (photo)

    In total, scientists have recovered more than 180 individual fossil specimens, including fossilized remains of insects, belemnites, ammonites, snails, squids and ichthyosaurs.< /p>

    In the southwest of England in Gloucestershire, a veritable treasure trove of marine fossils dating back some 183 million years has been unearthed, Express writes.

    A group of surprisingly well-preserved fossils was unearthed on a farm by Neville paleontologist couple and Sally Hollingworth.

    In total, scientists recovered more than 180 individual fossil specimens during the excavation, including fossilized remains of fish, insects, belemnites, ammonites, bivalves, snails, squids and large marine reptiles known like ichthyosaurs.

    A rare fossil was found on a farm in Britain extinct fish (photo)

    However, the most memorable find was the head of Pachycormus, a representative of an extinct genus of ray-finned fish. The Pachycormus specimen stood out for its exceptional preservation, even with soft tissue that would normally not be fossilized, including eyes and scales.

    After the remarkable find, Hollingsworth shared the Pachycormus specimen with ThinkSee3D, a firm that creates digital models of fossils.

    This reconstruction will allow researchers around the world to take a closer look at the unusual fossil, without necessarily having access to its physical sample.

    But in Morocco, researchers have found fossils and teeth of a creature that looks a lot like the Loch Ness Monster . This creature turned out to be a plesiosaur, whose age is 100 million years old.


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