In Britain because of automatic PAROLE released 74 terrorists, among them was Uthman Khan – a terrorist with a London bridge (PHOTOS)

В Британии из-за автоматического УДО на свободу вышли 74 террориста, среди них был и Усман Хан - террорист с Лондонского моста (ФОТО)

74 person previously convicted for terrorism-related articles of British law, was released on parole and are currently at large. Among them was 28-year-old Usman Khan, who committed on Friday, November 29, the attack on London bridge.

As stated by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, commenting on the situation with his release, the early release of terrorists is unacceptable.

Usman Khan in 2012, was sentenced to 16 years in prison for terrorism – he tried to detonate on Christmas eve 2010 London stock exchange, big Ben and Westminster Abbey, as well as to attack Boris Johnson, who was then the mayor of London. But in December 2018, after serving half of appointed term of imprisonment, he was released from custody on parole with the obligation to wear an electronic bracelet.

In an interview with the Sunday program on BBC “Show, Andrew Marr’s” Premier Johnson declared that Khan was able to receive PAROLE automatically without the conclusion of the Commission on early conditional release because of a number of laws, which were adopted by the labour government in 2005 and 2008.

“We will introduce more severe penalties for violent and sexual crimes, as well as for terrorism, declared Johnson, who heads the ruling Conservative party. – I find it unacceptable that this man was on the loose”.

A day earlier on air of TV channel Sky News at the end of his visit to the scene of the attack on London bridge, Boris Johnson said that “in the public interest to do so, to those convicted of terrorist offences, serious crimes that involve violence, could be released early”. “We advocate that people fully served their sentence,” said British Prime Minister.

“The practice of automatic early release when the sentence is reduced by half, it’s just not working and I’m afraid that this case is a good example of the fact that it doesn’t work,” added Johnson.

According to TASS, the discussion about why Khan so early released from prison, became a Central front in the campaign scheduled for December 12 elections in the British Parliament. Members of the conservative government indicated that the labour party in 2005 passed a law through which more than 90% of prisoners in the UK automatically go on PAROLE, after serving in jail half of the period. Labour also point to errors in the operation of the prison system, admitted by the conservatives that are in power for the last 9 years.

Earlier, Johnson said that the minimum sentence for crimes related to terrorism, should be 14 years in prison without PAROLE.

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