In China created the first e-book with color display

В Китае впервые создали электронные книги с цветными дисплеями

The Chinese have created the world’s first reader with color e-ink, which is capable of displaying thousands of colors

Chinese app for reading iReader today announced the release of the world’s first reader with color e-ink iReader C6. It uses a printed color screen to electronic ink displays 4096 colors, according to

iReader C6 is equipped with a Quad-core high-speed processor and memory 16G, and also adds a listener function. iReader has announced that it has completed the mass production of its first product for e-ink and recently launched it.

Thanks to the new colour printing technology combined with the technology of electronic paper display response speed of the display high. C it can read long as black-and-white e-paper without damaging the eye. Display color is soft, with the best optical quality. Thus, the printing color e-paper is suitable for reading, teaching, and professional applications and can be used for the manufacture of e-readers or apps for e-books.

According to QYResearch, China has become the third largest consumer market in the world for ebook readers. Data show that the end of 2017 the market volume of the industry reached 3.7 billion yuan, an increase of 8.8% year on year. It is expected that in the next six years, the volume of market of Chinese industry, reading e-books will grow with a total growth rate of 15.7%. It is expected that by 2023, the market size of Chinese industry, reading e-books will exceed 8.5 billion yuan.

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