In Egypt, found more than 80 unique graves

В Египте нашли более 80 уникальных захоронений

In Egypt, in the province of dakahlia governorate, in the course of excavations in the Umm al-Chaldean, archaeologists found ancient burial 83. This is stated in the message of the Ministry of Affairs of antiquities of the country.

So, Mustafa al-Vaziri, head of the Supreme Council for antiquities, said that 80 of the discovered graves belong to the period of the first half of the fourth Millennium BC.

These burials were made in the form of oval pits, were found on clay coffins and various utensils.

According to al-Vaziri, the clay of the grave of that era ever found in Dakahlia.

Archaeologists in the near future, expect to discover new burials and traces of ancient civilization, transmit Podrobnosti.

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