In Florida, car numbers were introduced for those who want to teach a lesson to visitors from other states


    DeSantis introduced special license plates for Florida motorists. The new license plate is a warning to out-of-state tourists, according to ThePalmBeachPost. alt=”Florida introduced license plates for out-of-state visitors” />

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    “The Free State of Florida has a new pre-order license plate that benefits the Florida Veterans Fund and sends a clear message to out-of-state vehicles: “Don't run over me or Florida,” DeSantis tweeted.

    < p>Notably, with about 20 percent of Florida drivers without auto insurance, the state ranks second in the nation in pedestrian fatalities.

    The state's newly proposed special license plate features a coiled rattlesnake, which was the first to be featured on the Gadsden Flag, the historic American flag that flies in protest against government tyranny.

    Today, this colonial-era relic has become a popular symbol for US Capitol rebels, right-wing militia groups, QAnon, and Koch-funded tax protesters.

    This year, the state will spend $50 million to promote out-of-state tourism through the program Visit Florida.

    DeSantis announced that Florida received 34.1 million tourists during this year's peak winter tourist season.

    “Originally, economists predicted that tourism in Florida would not fully recover until 2024, but quarter after quarter, despite the Biden administration's complete inability to deal with inflation and national supply chain problems, the number of visits to Florida continues to break records and defy conventional wisdom.” DeSantis said in a statement.

    “Florida's tourism industry is kicking off 2022 with incredible vigor, proving that freedom-focused politics will always win, especially against DC's mismanaged economic policies,” &# 8211; he added.

    “Unfortunately, there was a complete lack of mention in this message that the supposedly interfering federal government gave Florida $30 million in stimulus money, which the state used to boost tourism this year, – said Frank Cherabino, a journalist. – This is an understandable omission. That's because the federal government is one of DeSantis' fictional cartoon villains.”

    “At first, I couldn't understand why any self-respecting group of veterans would ever want 'Don't Run Over Me' written on their license plates, – he says. – The trick to getting a new special license plate is that you need to get enough pre-orders from motorists before they go into production. So in this case, 3,000 Florida drivers will have to pay for a new number before it becomes viable. I suspect that the real audience for the “Don't Ride Me” license plate will not be true veterans who already have better options. The new plates will appeal to the huge number of Meal Team Six commandos in Florida, as well as the average Florida hothead who is angry, armed and looking for an excuse to get back.

    Florida veterans have several license plate options. The state already offers eight different license plates that are popular with military veterans. There are individual special numbers for all branches of the military – Navy, Marine Corps, Ground Forces, Air Force and Coast Guard.


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