In Georgia, a major Democratic victory and a defeat for Trump

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 In Georgia, an important Democratic victory and a defeat for Trump

The message left by the November mid-term elections in the United States, with results It will be better than expected for the Democrats and a punishment for the most radical candidates associated with Donald Trump and Trumpism , was underlined this Tuesday in Georgia. In the second round in the southern state that decided the last Senate seat, Democrat Raphael Warnock defeated Republican Herschel Walker >, according to media projections.

With that victory, the advantage of President Joe Biden's party in the Upper House widens from the current 50-50 to 51-49, a minimal twist that has important consequences. And the defeat of Herschel is also interpreted as a failure for Trump .

Although the Republican control of the Lower House came out of the If the polls in November guarantee the division of power in Washington and allow us to predict two years of legislative blockade and challenges to Biden's agenda, the new majority in the Senate will allow the vote to be held. Democrats to control committees and move forward judicial and senior office nominations. It also takes weight away from moderate Democratic senators who have been putting a spoke in the wheel of the president's agenda. It also frees Vice President Kamala Harris from having to be frequently tied to Washington, as she has been these past two years, to cast her casting vote.

In addition, the result in Georgia confirms the good results of the Democrats, who have won a seat in the Senate and two governors. It is the first time since 1934 that the president's party has won both of these fields in the midterm elections.

The Georgia Turnaround

Warnock >, a black reverend who in another second round in 2021 in a special election has already become a black man. the first black senator from Georgia, he now becomes the first black candidate elected to a full six-year term in the state. It has reinforced its results with respect to the first round with the black vote and, especially, in the metropolitan areas that surround Atlanta, representative of demographic changes in many of the so-called “suburbs” of large cities of USA. And he shows that Georgia, which was traditionally a Republican stronghold but which in 2020 voted for the United States.

Walker's defeat, Trump's defeat

As significant as Warnock's victory in a second round in which the participation was very high is the Walker's defeat, and the message it sends to Trump. It was the former Republican president who encouraged the He asked the former American football player, also black, who has proven to be one of the most controversial candidates in these legislative elections, peppered with personal scandals and weighed down by a erratic speech. And the Trump-endorsed celebrity model model, who also scored an award. In November, the resounding failures of the most extremist candidates and other celebrities such as Dr. Mehmet Oz in the Senate race in Pennsylvania have been again in evidence.

The former president had already failed in the state when many of the candidates he endorsed failed. In Republican primaries for positions such as governor and secretary of state, they fell to the other Republicans whom Trump sought to punish for not having supported his attempts to not certify the results of the 2020 presidential elections, an interference that has him subject to an investigation. ;n court in Georgia. And many voters who voted for those Republicans who resisted Trump in November did not vote for Walker instead, forcing a runoff this Tuesday in which he has failed again.

Message from Biden

President Biden has posted a tweet accompanied by a photo in which he can be seen calling Warnock to congratulate him. And the president has assured that his victory is a “rejection of ultra magaismo “, referring to the most radical elements of the “Make America Great Again” movement. associated with Donald Trump.