In Germany, 70-the summer pensioner was forgotten on the car roof 20 thousand euros

В Германии 70-летний пенсионер забыл на крыше автомобиля 20 тысяч евро

In Germany he forgot on the roof of the car 20 thousand euros. This is reported by Euronews.

In particular, the 70-year-old man got cash in the Bank, in the town of Witten, near Dortmund. The purpose of removing such a large sum was buying a new car.

However, in the haste, the retiree put the money on the roof of the car, sitting in it and leaving. After discovering the theft, the man wrote a statement to the police.

“If someone found the envelope, we urge the finder to transfer the money into lost and found or to the police station”, — reads the statement of the militiamen. The publication adds that the pensioner lost money on Friday, November 22, around 15:40.

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