In Israel, found a rare coin with the image of cancer and the Roman goddess of the moon (photo)


    A rare coin depicting cancer and the Roman goddess of the Moon (photo) was found in Israel

    On the other side of the coin, you can see Emperor Antoninus Pius, who advocated the advancement of science in every possible way.

    During their recent exploration off the coast of Israel, maritime archaeologists unearthed a rare nearly 2,000-year-old bronze coin from the depths of the Mediterranean Sea, writes Haaretz.

    On one side of the coin, the Roman emperor Antoninus Pius is depicted, as befits the coinage of that time. Antoninus Pius was one of the so-called “5 good emperors” who did not pursue military glory but ruled peacefully, which may explain the paucity of historical records of his reign. He did put down the rebellion in Britain, but he is more remembered for encouraging culture through the building of temples and theaters, and for advocating the advancement of science, which was opposed by astrologers.

    Found in Israel a rare coin depicting cancer and the Roman goddess of the Moon (photo)

    On the other side, you can see cancer – a sign of the zodiac and a lady – interpreted as the goddess of the moon. The crab coin bears the date “eighth year”, referring to the year of the reign of Antoninus Pius. The find belongs to a series of 13 coins – 12 coins depicting each zodiac separately and 13 coins with all the signs.

    As for the goddess of the moon, this is a more ephemeral character in the annals of Roman religion, sometimes perceived as part of the triumvirate goddesses with Proserpina and Hekate, and sometimes as a separate deity. The crescent on the coin is her symbol.

    “With the help of this coin, we now know when a person's belief in the supernatural was formed,” the scientists noted.

    Faith in astrology

    B Israel found a rare coin depicting cancer and the Roman goddess of the moon (photo)

    Some experts believe that astrology could have originated in Babylon 4000 years ago, although there are also references from 5000 years ago from Sumer. According to others, this faith originated in China, Ancient Egypt or Greece. Perhaps astrology developed spontaneously, like agriculture, in different places at different times for different reasons.

    However, scientists are still trying to figure out why so many people believe in astrology. Astrology fans claim that the relative position of the Moon, planets and stars affects earthly affairs and our destinies. However, scientists have not been able to find mechanisms that could realize this effect.


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