In Labrador, lack of letter carriers disrupts mail delivery

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Lack of letter carriers disrupts mail delivery in Labrador

Residents have to pick up their own mail.

According to the union, Canada Post began its usual process of hiring workers far too late. seasonal employees.

In Labrador City, residents have to pick up their own mail because Canada Post is short of staff to deliver it to them.

It's a lack of planning on the part of Canada Post that causes this inconvenience to citizens, says Jeff Callaghan, national director of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) for the Atlantic region.

He claims that the hiring process for seasonal employees, which usually begins in August, started too late.

Moreover, it is difficult to explain that there is a lack of personnel when several Labradorians told CBC in Newfoundland and Labrador that they had applied for these seasonal jobs without ever having heard from them.

According to Jeff Callaghan, these seasonal positions always attract candidates, as it is a good way to start a career at Canada Post.

In a statement writing, Canada Post said it has finally hired new temporary employees as well as a letter carrier, who will be a permanent employee.

We are happy to hear that, says Jeff Callaghan, of the union . It should have happened much sooner. Residents of Labrador City would not have been deprived at times of door-to-door mail delivery. This is inexcusable.

Canada Post says that now, with these new hires, mail delivery will be approximately four days a week in Labrador City.

The Crown corporation says recent labor issues have not disrupted package delivery.

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