In Moscow, the “DPR” square was decorated with a font stolen from Kyiv designers (photo)

DPR square in Moscow decorated with font stolen from Kyiv designers (photo)

KTF Jermilov font is used on banners in support of Ukraine in the EU and the USA.

The other day in Moscow appeared the area of ​​the so-called “Donetsk People's Republic”, it is located near the US Embassy. While the square is being renovated, it was covered with banners with propaganda slogans, but it turned out that the font on them was stolen from designers from Kyiv, who themselves declared its misuse.

The authors of the KTF Jermilov typeface used in Moscow are Ukrainian designers Oles Gergun and Evgeny Anfalov. Oles Gergun commented on the incident, stating that their KTF Jermilov is being used for “stupid propaganda without moral and legal rights”.

 In Moscow, the

It is this font that is used on banners in support of Ukraine around the world, which the designers proudly announced.

 In Moscow, the

 In Moscow, the

And now he suddenly appeared where the authors did not expect to see him – in Moscow.

In Moscow, they decorated the

“I was born on this street, I grew up in this house and I know this square and these very well Krai. I am very glad that now it will have such a name, “the deputy said.

He also said that soon the square of the so-called LNR will appear in the Russian capital. Just where is still unknown. In the near future, the Moscow authorities will consider the possibility of renaming the place in front of the German Embassy.

And in Spanish Madrid, the streets near the Russian Embassy will be named after Irpin and Bucha.

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