In order not to disrupt the schedule in Russia at minus 11 launched the new fountain

Чтобы не срывать сроки: в России при минус 11 запустили новый фонтан

In Russia, where some citizens have a fairly violent sexual fantasy, the officials, in turn, does not cease to amaze with their hard striving to follow the orders of his superiors even against common sense.

In particular, in the Central square of the city of Shadrinsk (Kurgan oblast), November 29, after the reconstruction started the fountain. The temperature dropped in the city to minus 11, writes

The townspeople began to joke about the new fountain in social networks. The mayor explained the launch of the fountain in November, disrupting the timing of reconstruction of the facility, which the city has spent more than seven million rubles.

Also, the publication recalls that on 21 November in the city of Rostov the Great work on the programme of beautification planted flowers in freezing temperatures on the Cathedral square. According to the service “Yandex.Weather” the temperature that day never rose above four degrees Celsius, and at night, according to weather forecasts, it drops to minus ten. The contractor carried out the contract for the improvement project.

Money for the reconstruction of Rostov the Great was due to the victory in the contest of the Ministry of construction of Russia. The work was to be completed by October 1, but on 12 November the head of the city Andrey Elk said that “a comprehensive improvement of <…> is in full swing and close to completion”.

As previously reported “FACTS”, in the city of Omsk for the arrival of Putin, the earth is painted green, but ruined snow.

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