In order to ensure a large harvest of cucumbers, you do not need to resort to expensive fertilizers. These recipes will increase your harvest


How to increase the amount of cucumbers?

 You don't have to resort to expensive fertilizers to get big yields. These recipes will increase your yields

As noted by the “Taste of the Day” portal, every gardener wants his harvest to be as large as possible. Today we present to you three effective patents for increasing the harvest of grains without resorting to chemical fertilizers. These recipes are not only effective and natural, but also cheap. Get to know the details!

Yeast to help

To strengthen the root system of the plant, it is worth reaching for a yeast nave. Thanks to it, the plant is able to absorb elements such as nitrogen, potassium and other trace elements much more effectively for its development. Other benefits are the acceleration of the fruiting time, as well as the plant's resistance to various diseases.

To prepare the fertilizer from fresh yeast, we need 100 grams of yeast. Dissolve them in 1 liter of warm (but not boiling!) Water and add 50 grams of sugar, thanks to which the yeast will “start working”. We put it aside for 3 days. After this time, the obtained solution is diluted in 9 liters of water. We feed each bush with about a liter of the mixture.

 You don't need to use expensive fertilizers to ensure a good harvest. These recipes will increase your yields

Green aisle

We will also get great results thanks to the use of herbal infusion. The one made of nettles will work great, but also those made of dandelion, comfrey, and even grass left over from mowing the lawn.

Fill the barrel to 2/3 of its volume with one of the selected plants and pour water over it. Then we close the whole thing and put it aside in a sunny place. This is extremely important as it will start the fermentation process. When the content stops buzzing, we are sure that the na & oacute; z is ready for use.

 To ensure a large harvest og & oacute; rk & oacute ; w no need to reach for expensive fertilizers. These recipes will increase the yield

The smell of this type of fertilizer is not particularly pleasant, which is worth remembering. The prepared mixture should be diluted 1:10 before use.

And you, what effective ways do you have to increase your collection?


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