In Russia buried the officer killed in Libya: what do we know

В России похоронили офицера, погибшего в Ливии: что об этом известно

In the Russian steppe village Akbulak, located near the border with Kazakhstan, buried a soldier killed in Libya. We will remind, earlier in Libya killed a Russian mercenary, who participated in the assault on debaltseve. He became one of a dozen killed there are mercenaries from PMC “Wagner.”

27-year-old sniper Bridge Gleb became the first Russian military, whose death in the African country has been confirmed by Russian authorities almost officially, reports the Russian service Bi-bi-si.

В России похоронили офицера, погибшего в Ливии: что об этом известно

Gleb Mostovoy

Parting with him was arranged in the cinema opposite of the district administration, the territory around which in the morning cordoned off the military and the police. They came which indicated where to stand and wait for the start of the funeral ceremony.

The body of the deceased soldier was brought from Moscow to Orenburg on the eve. To meet it went the mother of the deceased and the head of the district.

All night the coffin stood in the house of the father of the Bridge on the outskirts of Akbulak.

В России похоронили офицера, погибшего в Ливии: что об этом известно

In the village of Akbulak

First about the death of a soldier last Friday announced Orenburg newspaper “Erengrad”. Referring to relatives, journalists wrote that he fought overseas under a different name and died in the night of 4 to 5 February.

The representative of the local administration told bi-Bi-si, that in the last few years this is the fifth case of death of the soldier in the Orenburg region, the place of death is not known.

About Gleb Bridge it is known that military theme he was fond of since childhood — in the 11th grade won the all-Union military-Patriotic contest “Fatherland” and received a cash prize of 30 thousand rubles from President Vladimir Putin.

We will remind, earlier journalists reported the death in Syria of Russian Colonel, who had fought on the Donbass. That day in Syria the incident occurred, which resulted in the deaths of four servicemen of armed forces of Russia.

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