In Russia the eight-year girl committed suicide when a mother found her correspondence with the man

В России восьмилетняя девочка покончила с собой, когда мать нашла ее переписку с мужчиной

In Moscow committed suicide eight year old girl. It happened after her mother found the daughter in a phone conversation with a grown man. As reports the edition “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the 37-year-old woman said that a few hours before the tragedy took away her daughter’s smartphone to check what sites she visits. She said that it was “normal procedure”, which is repeated regularly. But this time the girl did not have time to close the chat. A shocked mother saw that the man had sent her intimate pictures and asked the same the second.

Mother decided not to find out relations with a child. She invited my daughter to use push-button phone, and a serious conversation was postponed on then.
“Apparently, my daughter understood what I read. She started screaming so I gave her the phone,” said the woman.

Before dinner, the girl said 13-year-old brother that will do “irreparable”, but he did not take her words seriously. After that, the girl was locked in her room. And jumped out the window. Her body was found in the yard near the house.

Police establish all the circumstances of the tragedy.

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