In Russia, the maximum increase in two months of COVID-patients


In Russia, the highest increase in COVID patients in two months

Total since Since the beginning of the pandemic in the Russian Federation, more than 18.5 million cases of infection have been identified. More than 380 thousand Russians have died.

Over the past day, the number of confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus COVID-19 in Russia increased by 5,685, against 4,200 the day before. This was announced by the federal operational headquarters to combat the pandemic on Wednesday, July 20.

Thus, the number of new cases detected was the highest since May 2, when 6,207 cases were recorded. In total, 18,504,729 cases of infection have been detected in the Russian Federation since the beginning of the pandemic.

The number of deaths per day was 37 versus 44 the day before, in total since the beginning of the pandemic – 381,997.

Russia hospitalized 1,110 cases (1,337 the day before, a decrease of 17%). The number of hospitalizations decreased in 48 regions and increased in 26, in another 11 the situation did not change.

Recall that last week the number of cases of COVID-19 in Ukraine increased by more than a third – up to 1431. The infection was confirmed in 300 vaccinated individuals.


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