In Russia the teacher lost his job because of the poems

В России учитель лишился работы из-за стихотворения Есенина

In Russia, where in one of schools of Krasnoyarsk region teacher equipped in the bathroom, fired the teacher read the students a poem Esenina.

According to rossm, teacher Alexei Nikitin was dismissed from school in the Resort district of St. Petersburg after he read the students a poem by Sergei Yesenin’s “hooligan’s Confession”.

The reason for the dismissal was that the teacher “colloquial” words. Nikitin allegedly emotionally began to comment on the work of the poet and when the disciples said the word “ass”.

One of the students filmed what happened in the class on camera.

According to preliminary information, the school administration asked the teacher to leave from an educational institution.

We will remind, scandal with the use of profanity has arisen in one of the schools of the Russian Ussuriysk. There a teacher taught 10-graders the correct spelling of the phrase containing swear words. The teacher was not punished because of limitations violations, but the video posted in a popular local public.

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