In Russia, the terrible Terrier has bitten the girl in front of mother (video)

В РФ бультерьер страшно покусал девочку на глазах у матери (видео)

In Russia, in city Saratov has been a terrible emergency that is associated with Pets: bull Terrier abandoned by owner without a muzzle and leash at the door of the shop, attacked a woman with a child and bitten them and two more people.

About the incident told the mother of the victim schoolgirl cadres Zagorskaya group “Saratov online” social network “Vkontakte”. She also posted a video recorded by the DVR car, says Ren.

The incident occurred near a grocery store. The footage video shows how the owner of the dangerous dog brings the dog to the door of the store and leaves the dog outside a closed door.

The dog begins to rush around the entrance trying to get inside.

To the door of the shop a woman with a small child, they run the dog inside the building and includes the following. This moment was caught on video.

The most terrible thing happened then, already inside the store, where the dog answered ingratitude of the people.

“The dog attacked and bit me and my child and people who helped us, the owner did nothing and disappeared,” wrote a woman in public “Saratov online”

According to the victim, arrived, the police had not provided her with assistance. The woman noted that the dog’s owner disappeared and took the animal, which remained to run down the street.

The record caused a furor in social networks. Many stood up for the dog, noting that the blame for the incident lies with the owner.

“You think the dog’s fault?! To blame that idiot owner left her at the door without a muzzle, not tied. Naturally, she was nervous, and then, once in the vestibule of the store, in a closed space, fear begins to show aggression. Just blame the master. The dog behaved as they should have been in that situationsand,” said one commenter.

As previously reported “FACTS” in the Kharkiv region an elderly woman died from dog bites home of his sister.

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