In Spain, they created an exact copy of the tortured body of Jesus Christ

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An exact copy of the tortured body of Jesus Christ has been created in Spain

Creation has been exhibited at the Cathedral of Salamanca last Thursday and will be there until December, after which he will go on a world tour.

In Spain, they created a model of Jesus Christ with real human hair using the Shroud of Turin. The “body” is made of silicone and latex. It shows all the wounds believed to have been inflicted on the Savior when he was tortured and killed, writes the Daily Star.

José Luis Retana, Bishop of Salamanca, said that the human body on the Holy Shroud could represent “the solidification of God's love, which becomes flesh in Jesus Christ, who dies like a villain, making a terrible sacrifice for our salvation. There is no greater love in the world.”

Alvaro Blanco, curator of the exhibition, added that for 15 years of studying the Shroud.

“No one dared to make such a hyper-realistic body. We dared and hope that the exhibition will be a complete success. This exhibition is a journey into the art, archeology and science of the Holy Shroud, which are presented together for the first time at this unique exhibition of 600 square meters,” Blanco said.

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