In support of Ukraine: British group Coldplay performed Vakarchuk's song “Hug” (video)


    In support of Ukraine: British group Coldplay performed Vakarchuk's song

    The musicians played a song in Ukrainian during a concert in Warsaw. Vocalist Chris Martin admitted that he does not know the meaning of the song, but he likes it.

    British rock band Coldplay performed Okean Elzy's song “Obіymi” at their concert in Poland on July 8. Ukrainian musician Ivan Marunich wrote about this on his Facebook posting a corresponding video.

    “Coldplay in Warsaw performs the song “Hug” by Okean Elzy together with a guy they met on the Vistula embankment. What times do we live in” , — he commented.

    As it became known, the British went on stage together with street singer Romario Punch from Ukraine, whom they accidentally met on the streets of the capital of Poland. The Ukrainian musician performed the main part, and the band's vocalist Chris Martin joined him in the chorus.

    The leader of Coldplay admitted to the audience that he did not understand the meaning of the song, but he really liked it.

    “This very beautiful song. I don’t understand it, but I’ll sing it,” Martin said in particular.

    Thus, the British decided to support Ukraine.

    In April, Okean Elzy recorded a special version of the song “Obіymi” in the courtyard of the Kharkov Palace of Labor, destroyed as a result of Russian air strikes.

    During all four months of a full-scale war, Svyatoslav Vakarchuk travels with performances to the hot spots of the country. In early May, the singer told how he once again traveled around the eastern front line from Kharkov to Slavyansk.


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