In Thailand detained a Russian citizen on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance, purchased at a pharmacy from the bite of a monkey (VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

Law enforcement agencies of Thailand was detained on the territory of the Kingdom a citizen of the Russian Federation, which is suspected of possessing illegal substances. According to police, she found the prohibited substances.

The detainee, a resident of St. Petersburg Valentina Andreeva, maintains his innocence and claims that in one of the pharmacies on the island of Phuket, where she was resting, she “mistakenly sold prescription painkillers instead of the cure.”

A tourist asked the employee of the pharmacy due to the inflammation of the hand after being bitten by monkeys. She asked me to sell her antiseptics and analgesics. However, as it turned out, instead of painkillers, the pharmacist gave her the drug Alprazolam, according to the TV channel “Saint-Petersburg”.

From the pharmacy Valentine went to the hospital, where she had to get shots against rabies. And then together with his young man Andreyev went to the hotel, but along the way they stopped a police patrol, who conducted a standard RAID. The guards wanted to search the girl and found her bag of pills.

It turns out that Alprazolam in Thailand are allowed to sell only on prescription, and “possession of such substances without a prescription punishable by law”, found out later Andreev.

At the station, Valentina spent a day and a half, and then two days in jail in Phuket. Last Monday for her bail – 10 thousand baht (about 21 thousand). Local lawyer girlfriend helped found the insurance company. But this lawyer requires on top of 1.2 million rubles for the “acceleration” and assistance in closing the case. And while the Russian is under house arrest, and every 12 days should be noted in the plot, otherwise it will be declared wanted. When must the court held, is not known, but the lawyer says that if a girl does not pay, the trial will be delayed for at least six months.

Andreev recorded a video published by the Telegram-channel LifeShot. In it she said that they were able to contact the Consulate of the Russian Federation, but there just shrugged, saying that Thais impact can not, and expressed the hope that Russian women are simply deported.

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