In the crazy haunted house of the Sauvés

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In the crazy haunted-house of the Rescued ;

In front of 998, rue de la Nébuleuse, the land has been transformed into a scene worthy of the Wild West.

On Halloween, there are houses that are decorated with pumpkins and cobwebs. And in a separate category, there is the Sauvé house.

In front of 998 Nebula Street, the lot has been transformed into a Wild West stage, complete with a faux wooden wall, animated robotic characters and a life-size stagecoach. Inside, it's party time in the saloon, as cowboy skeletons and family members in costumes greet visitors and guide them through a 400-foot course filled with witches, spiders and characters maleficent.

This haunted house is the passion project of Suzie David and Gilles Sauvé Junior.< /p>

This homemade haunted house is the passion and plywood project that Suzie David and Gilles Sauvé Junior have been rehearsing every October 31st for six years now.

In 2016, our daughters warned us that 'they were old enough to spend Halloween on their own. But we had a pleasure to spend it with them, because we liked to see the decorations in people's homes, to see the reactions of the children, says Ms. David.

The solution ? We were going to welcome the children home, decided the teacher and her spouse, a construction contractor.

Haunted house themes vary from year to year.

The themes vary from year to year – the haunted house has already been dedicated, for example, to clowns or skeletons. The project is growing from year to year. To make this year's course a reality, three times longer than last year's, the couple had to start making plans as early as July.

In order to bring together all the elements necessary for a western haunted house, Ms. David and Mr. Sauvé Junior say they have criss-crossed Quebec to explore various flea markets.

Some items were harder to find than others. Gilles absolutely wanted to have a horse-drawn carriage, says Suzie David. His prayers have been heard: a good Samaritan has agreed to lend them his, a true antique, on the condition that it stays out of the rain.

Generous attention , except that… We are not masters of the temperature, she argues. So Gilles said to himself: "I'm going to build one!".

The Sauvé haunted house is attracting more and more curious people.

In the neighborhood, the Sauvé haunted house is attracting more and more curious. Last year, between 5000 and 6000 visitors went there, estimate the owners of the place.

The couple therefore want to put this popularity at the service of a good cause by asking visitors a donation for the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). Our daughters benefited from it. It's a five-star service "plus plus", testifies Suzie David.

We thank the service, the nurses, the doctors who were there very much. Today, if we can give a little more in this way, we do it, adds Gilles Sauvé Junior.

The doors of the haunted house will be open on the 29th, October 30 and 31, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

With information from Camille Bourdeau

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