In the fall, we will face a gigantic increase in prices. Experts indicate what will go up the most


Prices will skyrocket in the fall. What will be the most expensive?

 In autumn we will face a gigantic increase in prices. Experts indicate what is going to go up the most

As the” Goniec “portal reminds us, recent months have brought us a systematic increase in prices . Unfortunately, in the fall we have to expect that it will be even more expensive. The forecasts of specialists show that in the European Union alone, food prices may be up to 20 percent higher.

Inflation is taking its toll on us

Preliminary data presented by the Central Statistical Office indicate that in June inflation in our country amounted to 15.6%. The last time similar values ​​were recorded a quarter of a century ago. Unfortunately, the expert's forecasts do not give hope that we can expect an improvement in the situation in the near future.

 We will face a gigantic increase in prices in the fall. Experts indicate what goes up the most

Many people already have to limit the purchase of things that so far they were commonplace. Unfortunately, a similar situation awaits us in the coming weeks and even months. Analyzes made by experts from the Polish Economic Institute show that in autumn we will pay up to 20 percent more for food.

The drastic increase in prices is to affect all interconnected markets in the European Union, although we and the inhabitants of our region will feel it the most. The largest increases are expected to affect products made of oilseeds and cereals. The increase in feed prices will in turn translate into an increase in the prices of meat and meat products.

 A gigantic increase in prices awaits us in autumn. Experts indicate what is going to go up the most

It is also worth remembering that the increase in energy prices will also have a direct impact on the prices of products on store shelves. Experts also indicate that soon there will be a 10 consecutive interest rate hike, which will increase the installments of loans, especially mortgage loans.

One thing is certain, we will face an extremely difficult time counted at least in months.


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