In the new training manuals of the Kremlin, the war is compared with the baptism of Russia, and Putin with Nevsky, – media


In the new manuals of the Kremlin, the war is compared with the baptism of Russia, and Putin with Nevsky, — media

Journalists got access to documents in which Russia's military aggression is proposed to be called “the fight against the atheists”.

In the manuals of the Kremlin, prepared in July, state and pro-government media, as well as politicians of the Russian Federation, are required to compare a full-scale war against Ukraine with the christening of Rus and the Battle of Neva. This was reported by Meduza on Monday, August 1, citing two such documents obtained by the publication.

In the training manuals, the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine continues to be explained by the actions of the so-called collective West, which, according to the authors of the recommendations, has been attacking Russia for almost a thousand years in order to divide it, seize resources and destroy Orthodoxy. The documents indicate that it was the adoption of Orthodoxy that at one time helped to unite the “Russian lands” and create a state whose main value was “tolerance”.

In addition, the document draws many parallels with the Battle of the Neva – the authors of the Kremlin manuals claim that, as then, the West is now trying to split the Russian Federation for the sake of the resources it needs, in particular minerals.

“The consumer society that has developed in the West requires a lot of resources. The West ran out of its own resources several centuries ago,” the text of the document says. – these words are attributed to Alexander Nevsky there.

“The leadership of Russia and personally Vladimir Putin did not allow an attack on Russia. It was decided to start a SVO (“special military operation”), which made it possible to avoid a repetition of June 22, 1941 with the invasion of Nazi troops into the territory of Russia,” the document says.

Journalists have already found several publications of Russian publications that use the theses given in the training manuals – we are talking about media such as, FederalPress, RIA Novosti and Regnum.

Sources close to the Kremlin said that now Putin is trying to find a way to explain to the Russian society the reasons and goals of a full-scale war against Ukraine, since the longer it lasts, the more often people have relevant questions.


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