In the Philippines, a Typhoon is coming ‘Kanmuri’: evacuated more than 100 thousand people (PHOTO)

На Филиппины надвигается тайфун 'Каммури': эвакуированы более 100 тысяч человек (ФОТО)

In the Pacific Typhoon “Tisza” (“Kanmuri” – according to the international classification) is close to the Central areas of the Philippines. It is located 195 km East of Juban municipality on the island of Luzon and is moving westward at a speed of 20 km/h wind Speed estimated at 150 km/h, gusts to 185 km/h, according to Stormnews with reference to the Philippine administration of atmospheric, geophysical and astronomical services (PAGASA).

According to forecasts, the Typhoon will come ashore in the South of Luzon on the evening of 2 December or in the early hours of 3 December. Warning the third level of danger is declared in Nikolskom region (southern Luzon and Catanduanes island) and part of the Visayan Islands, the second danger level on parts of the island groups of Luzon (including Manila) and the Visayan Islands. Expected strong winds, heavy rains and high waves.

In Nikolskom region (southern Luzon and Catanduanes island) separately warned about the storm surge height of more than 3 m, in the South of Luzon, its height is 2-3 m, on Samar island – 1-2 m.

The country is preparing for disaster. According to the National Council on management and disaster risk reduction of the Philippines (NDRRMC) on the morning of December 2, canceled routes and 28 flights within the country.

In hazardous areas is carried out the evacuation of residents. Their homes have left more than 110 thousand persons, from them 100 thousand accounted for the province of Albay, TV channel ABS-CBN.

Tropical storm “Kanmuri” was formed to the North of the Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia 26 Nov. Moving in a North-westerly direction, he brought inclement weather to the island of GUAM, where wind gusts to 106 km/h was fallen trees, flooding occurred, but without serious damage.

Then in the Philippine sea “Kanmuri” increased to the level of the Typhoon, and forecasts in those days showed that he may before the Philippines become a super Typhoon (wind speed more than 65 m/s). But, fortunately, this did not happen. Nevertheless, “Kanmuri” poses a serious threat to the country.

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