In the Russian Federation they produce an “Orthodox” cola with the Virgin


Russian Federation releases « Orthodox» cola with the Mother of God

The production of the drink will be carried out by the former mayor of Arkhangelsk Alexander Donskoy

After the American company producing the world-famous Coca-Cola left the Russian Federation, there urgently engaged in import substitution. The former mayor of Arkhangelsk, Alexander Donskoy, will produce “Russian cola” with the Virgin and baby Jesus on the label. Dvina Today writes about this.

Soda will be produced by one of the enterprises. The drink will be based on herbs, roots and berries of the Altai Territory.

Donskoy has already presented what “Russian Cola” will look like in craft packaging and classic glass bottles.

In the Russian Federation they produce

“The whole country will come up with what we all have to do with mix Russian vodka in the near future. Russian cola is not suitable for whiskey. Not patriotic,” Donskoy said. The IP announced a competition for the best branding option.

The winner will receive 100 thousand rubles and a “kiss” from Donskoy.

In the Russian Federation they produce an

Alexander is a famous person in Russia. He served as mayor of Arkhangelsk from 2005 to 2008. He has written several books on bipolar disorder, from which he himself suffers. He wanted to run for the presidency of Russia in 2008, but several criminal cases were initiated against him. In February 2008, he was found guilty of using a fake diploma, and was forced to leave the post of mayor.

In 2002, he was one of the founders of the Arkhangelsk branch of the Russian Renaissance Party.

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In May 2009, Donskoy moved to Moscow, where he headed the YOSH creative association, which specialized in personal growth trainings.

In June 2011, Donskoy opened a museum in Moscow erotic art “G-spot”. And in 2021, he became famous for proposing to rename Arkhangelsk to Putinograd.

Donskoy is married, he has a son, Alexander, and a daughter, Evita. Donskoy's wife, Marina Viktorovna Donskaya, owns erotic goods stores and the “De Fans” center for aesthetics and body shaping.

Recently, Donskoy got a role in the film “Brother-3” directed by Valery Pereverzev.