In the sky over Russia noticed the meteorite: the network got vivid video

В небе над Россией заметили метеорит: в сеть попало яркое видео

On Friday, February 21, in Kostomuksha recorded a bright flash in the sky — she made the unusual object in the skies of Karelia. .

Scientists and astronomers Karelia admit that there was a falling meteorite. In the video it is visible as a luminous object enters the atmosphere, where it burns.

Local residents in a press conference that the outbreak was accompanied by a sound like an explosion at the mining development. Glow recorded even 200 km from Kostomuksha.

The explosion of the object recorded by the Geophysics laboratory of the Karelian research centre of RAS, but the decryption of data will take less than a day.

Locals believe that in the sky over Karelia saw a meteorite.

As an astronomer, I can only confirm that it could be due to the relatively large celestial body in the upper atmosphere of the Earth, “said Finnish astronomer Artem novichonok.



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