In the UK started Christmas fever: there are not enough Santas

В Великобритании началась рождественская лихорадка: в стране не хватает Санта-Клаусов

Local businessmen went ahead and opened courses for Santa Claus.

The British want of celebration and fun and massively order Santa Claus for the holidays. Local businessmen even launched a special course for Christmas merry. They say this year is the hype. Dozens of wanting to transform into a fairy-tale hero in a hurry to study. The lessons they learn how to communicate with children, what toys are in trend this year, about required elements of a suit of Santa Claus – noted in the news “Today” on TV channel “Ukraine”.

“You have to be friendly, because sometimes children are very shy or overexcited, because you around noisy and the crowd, and it’s not the best place to establish contact with children. You must find a approach to figure out how to make them smile,” says Carl, who came to learn how to be the perfect Santa Claus.

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