In the United States, the losses of Russian troops were estimated: 75,000 killed or wounded


The United States estimated the loss of Russian troops: 75,000 killed or wounded

Such data was announced by representatives of the White House during a secret briefing on the situation in Ukraine.

The White House has information about more than 75,000 killed or wounded Russians during the war in Ukraine. This was reported by deputies of the US House of Representatives who were present at a secret briefing on July 27, writes CNN.

“We were informed that more than 75,000 Russians were either killed or wounded … More than 80% of their ground forces were bogged down , and they are tired,” said Democratic Rep. Elissa Slotkin.

According to her, the main topic of conversation was urgent US assistance to Ukraine.

“The main conversation at the briefing was about what else we can and should do for the Ukrainians, literally in the next three to six weeks, very urgently. The Ukrainians want to go on a counteroffensive in the south. And we want it to be as successful as possible,” the politician emphasized.

She also noted that both parties of the United States support the sending of ATACMS long-range missiles to Ukraine, which can hit targets at a distance of more than 280 kilometers.

Recall, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on July 28, Russia in Ukraine, 40,230 soldiers, as well as 1,742 tanks, 222 aircraft and 190 helicopters Ready


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