In the US the bear got into the car on the driver’s seat

В США медведь забрался в автомобиль на водительское место

The incident occurred in California. Four-legged self opened the door of the SUV on the driver side and got into the car. Fortunately, at that moment in the car was nobody.

The family that owns the car was observing the situation from a safe distance. These people recorded unusual event on video. Its in his Twitter published by NBC News.

The video shows how a bear walks to the car, gets on his hind legs and opens the door. Then beast climbs inside, the door closed behind him.

The animal tried several times to help the owner of the car. He opened the next door to the four-legged could get out of the SUV, and he ran off to a safe distance. The first attempt led to failure.

However, in the second attempt, the bear got out of the car several times, looked around and calmly walked away from him.

The bear climbed into the driver’s seat in a car: video

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