In Toronto appears cannabis store-style eateries of the 1950s (PHOTO)

В Торонто появится магазин каннабиса в стиле закусочных 1950-х (ФОТО)

In Toronto, opened a new store in cannabis, and it will look completely different than the local had seen before (unless they were in the same school in Ottawa).

A unique brand of marijuana Superette (which technically you can already buy in the city, but not in the official brand store) will be on sale in the shop in a diner at the corner of 1950-ies that are not associated with Smoking pot.

The store appears in Rosedale, one of the most affluent areas of Toronto, which is also rather atypical choice, because all cannabis stores are located on Queen Street West.

If the location in Toronto will be similar to Ottawa, there will be a lot of cute items (which may be impossible to buy because of a provincial law prohibiting concurrent sales of anything with cannabis): art paraphernalia with marijuana and thematically decorated walls and tables.

The idea for the design arose from a desire to make the store familiar and comfortable at the same time and without the sterile cold interior solutions without chaotic and careless, as in other stores of cannabis.

The decor may be complemented by a menu inspired light-box theater, as well as retro chairs to have a conversation with the “bartender” about the options for products in Ottawa.

Thoughtful touch: the brand does not force customers to deal with hyperactive or negligent personnel because buyers can specify the level of assistance they require color to your shopping cart.

The inventory will include pre-rolled joints, oils, and simple flower Ol (which serves as inspiration for the charming flower logo of the brand), but, unfortunately, not immediately after the opening of the store will not flower until the company will acquire another license, which should be by July 2020.

The store will open at 1073 Yonge Street, just South of St. Clair soon, the official date is still unknown.

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