In troubled waters for months, the mayor of Sainte-Julienne resigns

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In troubled waters for months, the mayor of Sainte-Julienne resigns

Domaine La Fierté on Montée Hamilton, in Sainte-Julienne

Richard Desormiers resigns as mayor of the City of Sainte-Julienne in Lanaudière. The outgoing mayor has for months been at the center of a controversy involving irregularities at his campsite, Domaine La Fierté, which he has owned since 1998.

His tenure has ended on Monday, September 12 with the filing of his letter of resignation at the council meeting, read by the city's director general, Nathalie Girard.

We can read there that he leaves his post out of respect for his fellow citizens who, according to him, deserve an elected official capable of devoting himself entirely to the development of the community. Richard Desormiers specifies that the ongoing dispute between the municipality and Domaine La Fierté makes it impossible to combine his roles as mayor and owner and thus prevents him from fully assuming his public responsibilities.

“As the owner of Domaine La Fierté, I will continue to work with the municipality and any other body deemed necessary to ensure a quick and reasonable resolution. »

— Excerpt from Richard Desormiers' letter of resignation

Last July, an investigation report from the Municipal Integrity Investigations and Prosecutions Branch of the Commission municipale du Québec concluded that the outgoing mayor, elected municipal officials and the municipal administration had committed wrongdoing in the Domaine La Fierté file.

The investigation was launched in the spring, weeks after the outgoing mayor had candidly confessed, in the middle of a city council meeting, that houses were being built without a permit on the La Fierté campground.

Richard Desormiers had also admitted that the cutting of trees, still without a permit, was commonplace on his land. Revelations that set citizens on fire.

The investigation by the Commission municipale du Québec confirmed, among other things, that almost all of the constructions at Domaine La Fierté, approximately 160 houses, were built without a permit and in violation of the municipality's planning regulations.

Recall that the municipal administration and all elected officials were also targeted by the investigation report. However, the investigation had revealed that the municipal administration in place “no longer accepted the status quo and had taken steps over the past year to see to the application of municipal regulations on the Estate.

Large house built at Domaine La Fierté in Sainte-Julienne

Council has appointed by resolution Councilor Joël Ricard as Acting Mayor. He wasn't on the mayor's team. During the municipal council of April 11, it was he who proposed a resolution on compliance with municipal by-laws and environmental standards relating to Domaine La Fierté.

Members of the municipal council of Richard Desormiers' team have become independents, except for Enock Robin Turcotte, who remains in the mayor's party for the time being. He owns a house in the Domaine La Fierté campsite.

A by-election will be called in the coming months, as the mayor's resignation came more than a year before the next general election.

The city council is committed to following up on the report of the Commission municipale du Québec (CMQ) and to regularize the situation of Domaine La Fierté as quickly as possible to ensure fairness among all citizens of the municipality.

The council adopted a resolution giving the mandate to the attorneys of the municipality to submit a draft legal action. This could also help the municipality's planning department to issue the statements of offence.

The municipality also wrote a report on the irregularities which was submitted to the MRC de Montcalm and the Commission municipale du Québec.

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