In Ukraine, it will become impossible to watch popular TV shows

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Ukraine will no longer be able to watch popular TV shows

Megogo says it won't intends to continue cooperation with the HBO channel, which broadcasts new movies, through intermediaries.

The American cable channel HBO and the streaming service HBO Max officially do not work in Ukraine. Ukrainian OTT services cooperate with licensees who have the right to their content. But based on recent events, cooperation is terminated, thus, popular world series will no longer be available legally for Ukrainians, writes The Village.

It is noted that in Russia HBO works with the Amediateka service. And through it, the HBO and HBO Max content is received by the Ukrainian distributor, which since April 2021 has become the Oll.TV service, which was part of Rinat Akhmetov’s media holding Media Group Ukraine.

Exclusive rights to the Oll.TV package were retained until November 2021 when Moscow State University handed over to another Ukrainian service Megogo. But, as you know, on July 22, 2022, Oll.TV stopped working and the service was no longer updated.

At the same time, after the start of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, HBO parent company WarnerMedia announced a “suspension of operations” in Russia. But already at the end of June, the Russian service announced the return of exclusive content, including these series, and also announced the premiere of the House of the Dragon in August. After updating new HBO series in Amediateka, they began to appear in Ukraine on the Megogo platform.

But Megogo claims that it does not intend to continue cooperation with the channel through intermediaries.

“Megogo does not cooperate with the aggressor country of the Russian Federation. We receive American content from the HBO copyright holder through the Ukrainian distributor MGU, and this contract will be valid until the end of 2022. In the future, we will show HBO content only if the counterparty is is not a Russian company,” Megogo said.

They also noted that they had repeatedly approached HBO about a direct contract.

“We also expressed our desire to take part in the tender for this content and are waiting for an official invitation from the copyright holder. We hope that later we will be able to cooperate with HBO directly. And we will set an example for other international copyright holders that the Ukrainian market is promising and important,” the service added.

Recall that after Russia's attack on Ukraine left the Russian market with the largest American film studios – Sony, Warner Bros., Walt Disney Company and Universal. After that, many Russian cinemas were on the verge of closing.

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