In Ukraine learn to diagnose coronavirus

В Украине учатся диагностировать коронавирус

The health Ministry said, in Ukraine diagnosis of suspected cases COVID 2019.

This was during the roundtable said the Deputy Minister of health Viktor Lyashko, reports UKRINFORM.

“The Ministry of health for the second time updated the clinical definition of a case of coronavirus infection. The main case definition that will be used by infectious disease specialists, this survey of the person. Have symptoms that are typical for most acute respiratory viral infections, therefore, solely to distinguish between symptomatic, is a coronavirus infection or it is some other infection – it is quite difficult or impossible. So, if you have the symptoms of severe acute respiratory disease, as well as in history – travel in China for the past 14 days, when symptoms appeared, immediately the person becomes probable perevozchika about the emergence of an acute respiratory infection caused by a coronavirus. And then include all the algorithms of reaction: the man is isolated, isolate the contacts established health surveillance and biological material of a person with symptoms goes to research,” – said Lyashko.

In the study samples, according to Lyashko, first determined the presence of influenza viruses and other infections, then the samples are transferred to the study and diagnosis COVID 2019.

“Diagnostic system regarding the coronavirus is already in Ukraine, they are in CHP, now comes a new batch that will be made available in other Virology aboratory of Ukraine”, – said Lyashko.

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