In Ukraine, love in the time of the trenches

REPORTAGE. Nata and Victor are deployed near Mikolaiv. Discreetly, the couple tries to reconcile love with the life of troops in times of war.

In Ukraine, love in the time of the trenches

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The howl of the sirens does not make anyone blink, because they are now part of everyday life. On the other hand, the thunderous voice of the sergeant who greedy latecomers woke her with a start. Too late, however, to save him from an amused broadside. Nata and Victor are the last to arrive at the bottom of the shelter, she is still sleeping, he is not. Taking advantage of the half-light, she affectionately tickles his forearm.

However, the weather is not giddy and the young military couple takes their mission south of Mykolaiv very seriously, no away from the Russian positions. They flirt discreetly within the troop, which sometimes earns them a few points. It's not easy to reconcile love and patriotic duty, but as Nata explains, the diminutive of Natalia, a first name q

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