In Ukraine, the rules for traveling abroad by car have been changed


В Ukraine has changed the rules for traveling abroad by car

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has expanded the list of documents required for leaving Ukraine by car. In particular, the Green Card insurance is again mandatory for drivers.

In Ukraine, the requirements for drivers traveling abroad by car have been tightened. The list of required documents has been expanded. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Documents required to cross the borders of Ukraine on your own car:

  • A driver's license that meets international standards. Since July, only such rights have been issued in Ukraine;
  • Certificate of registration (registration certificate) of the vehicle;
  • Identification mark of Ukraine on the car (sticker with the inscription UA)
  • Standard state license plate (individual “beautiful” numbers are valid only on the territory of Ukraine);
  • Green Card international insurance.

If a citizen is not the owner of the vehicle, then additional documents are required. He must have a power of attorney for the right to drive a car with the owner's permission to travel outside Ukraine or a temporary registration card for the right to drive a car.


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