In which cases is the air recirculation mode in the car cabin dangerous to life


February 9, 2022, 17:10 | Auto

How the ventilation system can harm.

In what cases is the air recirculation mode in the car cabin is dangerous for life

The main problem is that neither the driver nor the passengers are sometimes able to determine where the air is cleaner — overboard or in the cabin. After all, in addition to "fragrant" and tangible compounds entering the atmosphere through the exhaust pipe, toxic components without color and odor are released from it. So the main thing is to turn on the air recirculation mode from time to time, but it is equally important to turn it off in time, informs Ukr.Media.

As you know, in normal mode, the ventilation system in the car uses air from the street, and in recirculation mode, it takes it from the cabin. When air flows do not enter the car from the outside, but circulate in a closed space, they heat up much faster. It is for this reason that in winter, when starting a cold car at idle speed, we turn on the recirculation mode to warm up the interior faster.

But most often it is used to prevent unpleasant odors from entering the cabin. For example, when a truck with a dark plume of smoke appears right next to us while driving in slow-motion traffic, we immediately rush to press the cherished button to close the stove's damper and block the inflow of heat from the street.

But in this case , if you have already smelled a pungent smell, it means that harmful exhaust gases have entered the car, and with the recirculation mode turned on, they will not go anywhere. So, in such a situation, it is better to move away from the exhaust source as much as possible and turn on the normal ventilation mode at the maximum level in order to quickly update the microclimate in the cabin.

If you feel the sand crunching on your lips on dry country roads, then quickly turn off the recirculation mode, which will prevent dust from entering the cabin. The main thing is not to forget to turn it off afterwards. Perhaps you yourself will remember this when, with limited ventilation in the cabin, the windows fog up. And the more passengers there are in the car, the faster it will happen.

In some old cars, where the doors do not close tightly, it is useless to use the recirculation mode. And if the car has a depressurized exhaust system, and at the same time there are cracks and holes hiding in the floor or the trunk, it is better to drive with the windows open. After all, exhaust gases easily penetrate into the cabin, and the recirculation mode turns the car into a gas chamber.

As already mentioned above, in this sense, the poisonous compound CO2, present in exhaust gases, which has no color, is especially dangerous. no smell Not feeling any danger, drivers and passengers in such cars risk getting serious intoxication. So, in case of such malfunctions, we categorically do not recommend using the recirculation mode – it is dangerous for life.


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